I’m finally here!!

Kate Reeve RushbrookWell hi there!

I’m Kate. My real name is actually Katharine, but I’m only called that if I’m naughty. As a kid I was called Katie, but when I was thirteen I started refusing to answer anyone unless they called me Kate. Katie was far too baby-ish! So Kate it is.

I have two last names. Not one… and not two which are hyphenated. Just two. It’s not that hard, but it seems to be a talking point. A bit random perhaps. Just like me.

I love food. Eating it, cooking it, talking about it, reading about it, investigating it, growing it (well I try) and photographing it. In fact that is really why I am here! I started taking photos of the dishes I cooked, and those I didn’t but I enjoyed and posting them online. My friends were seemingly impressed and after countless people suggested that I should start a food blog – I have!

There are many other things that I love, including craft beer, wine, coffee, music, design, my dog, my friends, my family and my career… I market stuff for a crust and love what I do. So whilst most of my blog posts will likely be recipes, reviews and all things foodie, I’ll be sure to throw in some of my general randomness. After all, randomness is what keeps things fun…right?

But…that’s enough about me. Enjoy my blog as it evolves and I hope it inspires you to cook, eat and do what you love.

Be good – or not.

Kate xx