Couscous on the plate

How to cook couscous in less than five minutes – it’s so easy!

Couscous is a delicious and versatile starch which is healthy and low in fat. It can be eaten both hot and cold, as part of a meal or as the main event. It is made from durum wheat, milled into semolina. Contrary to popular belief, couscous is not pasta!

I’ve found that loads of my friends are somewhat misled by couscous. They’ve never cooked it and assume it’s difficult to make. In fact, it’s quite the opposite! I love couscous because it is soooo quick and easy to make, plus it’s extremely versatile and delicious. I often serve couscous as an alternative to rice because it only takes about three minutes to make, as opposed to ten to fifteen for rice. #WINNER!!

How to cook couscous…

Making couscousYou’ll need…
½ a cup of couscous per person
For each half cup of couscous you’ll need the same quantity of boiling water.
For each half cup you’ll also need a pinch of salt and a small teaspoon of olive oil or butter (I actually prefer Olivio olive oil table spread).

Step one:
Boil half a cup of water.

Step two:
Put half a cup of couscous into a bowl with a pinch of salt.

Step three:
Pour the half cup of boiled water gently over the top of the dried couscous.

Step four:
Cover the bowl with cooking foil, or another plate – just something to keep the steam in the bowl.
After approximately three minutes, remove the bowl cover and add a small teaspoon of olive oil or butter to the bowl. Recover for a minute.

Step five:
Remove the cover and fluff the mixture up with a fork, aiming to remove all lumps.

Da-Daaa!! That’s it! How easy was that??

You can serve couscous as a plain base for a meal – as you would serve say, rice or mashed potato, or you can add anything you want to it.

It makes a great base for salads to take to work for lunch. Once it’s cooked, I often add pine nuts, raisins, pomegranate seeds, pieces of cooked chicken, feta, rosemary, whatever you like really!

You can also flavour couscous by cooking it in juice (like tomato juice for example) or stock (chicken stock for example) instead of plain salted water.

Couscous also makes a great breakfast! Cook it in apple juice or a berry juice with a little brown sugar instead of salt. Cool it in the refrigerator and then add things to it after it’s cooked like toasted almonds, poached berries or fruit, and dollops of thick greek yogurt. YUM!!

Until next time.
Kate xx